nesting dolls…

I can’t decide which Nesting Dolls to have printed as fabric. On one hand the top design makes an interesting pattern overall, but I feel like the smallest dolls get a little lost. The other more staggered pattern I like too, but does it look too messy? I can’t decide.

Today is the last day to leave a comment for the Easter basket, and I’ll be doing the shop update tomorrow morning as well. I will have a little handspun yarn, carrots, bunnies, cabbages, zip pouches, and some other new stuff too.

still cuckoo

Still feeling like drawing little cuckoo clocks and now that I have a pen for porcelain…well it seemed inevitable. For those that asked about my doily plate I actually just drew the doilies on without the use of any stencil, but I think the stencil idea is a great one! Besides the new plate, I also made a little creamer pot. Once you bake them they are dishwasher + food safe. I also like the way the ink comes out a little differently depending on the glass itself.

Thanks to everyone who has entered the Easter basket giveaway thus far. You still have one more day (tomorrow the 31st) to enter and then I will generate a number on the 1st (not an April Fool’s joke either)

Giveaway! Easter Basket!

I am giving away this Easter basket, just in time for Easter. It includes one of my plush carrots, plush bunny, rain girl zip-pouch, vintage Easter fabric, a vintage issue of Pack-O-Fun magazine (Easter edition), glitter bunny stickers, 2 wooden mushrooms, and of course some candy eggs + chocolate bunny heads.

I will use the random number generator on April 1st to pick the winner. International people are welcome too. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (on this entry) telling me something you love about Spring. *Remember if you are viewing my blog via a feed (like on Livejournal) you need to actually come to the blog to leave a comment…I don’t get any comments left on feeds.