that time of year…

Easter is just 8 days away and I feel quite unprepared. Normally I would have the baskets all ready and be planning the desserts for an Easter party…this year, uh not so much. The Easter baskets are still somewhere in the attic, and since I am sure I heard a wild creature the last time I ventured in there I am in no huge hurry to go back. Sure, maybe it was a squirrel but the attic is dark and in my mind it is a rabid possum hell bent on scratching my eyes out.

My first book deadline is fast approaching and has become my single excuse for not getting other things done. So in an effort to inject some Easter in our lives the kids dyed eggs last night. Yes I have a vegan husband and 2 kids who would eat hard boiled eggs at every meal, if you let them. So I got out the food coloring, vinegar, and water and they dyed away. We ended up leaving some of the darkest brightest eggs in the coloring mixture for awhile. We went to the local movie theater to see Monsters Vs Aliens and just left the last batch in the dye water. The movie was very cute + we came home to some bright eggs.

Okay I’m off to figure out patterns and templates, and maybe…just maybe stop now and again to look at the fabric that just arrived this morning from Spoonflower. I’ll have some photos of them soon, its too dark and rainy for any proper photos today.