hodge podge

I’ve got sort of a weird hodge podge like post for you today. Just some stuff I have around the house right now. The top photos is of this crazy little creamer I got the last time I went thrift shopping. I think of him as Rudolph though I am not sure if it is meant to be Christmas-related. My oldest son thought it was pretty creepy, but I find it charming. I plan to pack it up with the Christmas stuff and use it as functional holiday decor.

Next is a teeny tiny cuckoo clock that my parent’s sent me in a package this week. My mom said it was from a pair of earrings she bought when we lived in Germany (which is a very long time ago..25 years or something). She only had one left and it is no longer an earring, but I plan to try and make it into a necklace somehow.

Last is one of the windowsills in the dining room. As you can see my grass is growing splendidly. I also have this pretty orange blossomed plant that Tom bought for me. It is supposed to bloom for 3 months. Makes me feel a little more like Spring even though its pretty cold out today.