this is not Swanson’s ;)

We had a little extended weekend sort of thing around here. Tom came home sick on Sunday afternoon. We think he had food poisoning but can’t figure out from what except a possible loaf of raisin bread that we threw out just in case. He was much better by the late evening so that was nice. Then he had Monday off, so it extra nice.
On Monday night I decided to make some “chicken” pot pies. I was a little apprehensive about the kids, because frankly when I was younger the idea of a savory pie was so disgusting. K ate all of his besides a little of the crust which he deemed a bit dry (maybe more of a gravy sauce would fix that) and even B ate most of his “insides” while eating around as many of the peas as he could, he wasn’t into the crust either. But Tom and I both thought they were great! The last time I made pot pie it was a large one and I had accidentally bought + used vanilla soy milk and didn’t notice until while we were eating it. It had a sweet taste that was hard to ignore, yuck.

The kids start Spring Break tomorrow and so I’ve be trying to think of some fun stuff we could do…that would still afford me time to work. We are going to try letterboxing, something I have wanted to do with the kids for a few years now. We carved our stamps last night and will make some books tomorrow to use for collecting stamps.

Now I am off to work on packing orders. I am waiting for the nesting dolls fabric to arrive and then I will post photos of all the fabrics from Spoonflower. I have plans to sell some fat quarters soon, its just lots of deadlines + shows + life has been keeping me quite busy.