My sister is coming over this morning to take some photos for me. So I made blueberry muffins and a big pot of coffee. I keep all my muffin liners in a plastic box with hinged lid. Actually I keep all my baking goods this way. I have a big one for cookie cutters, one for toppers, one for candles, and one for misc. So I may have madness with the amount of supplies, but it is all contained madness. ;)

I’m still working on a never ending scarf. It would be a lot faster if it was just knit, but it is knit 1 purl 1…over, and over, and over. I’m really sick of looking at it and cannot wait to be finished with it. I have my eye on another project to start too so that is not helping.

Spring Break day 2 will continue this afternoon–I have some ideas floating around. I know for sure we are going to make these cupcakes to give to friends and family for Easter. Bakerella is awesome!