Spring Break (day 3)

This morning we started with a hunt for silk ties at the local thrift shops. The kids and I had read a blog post that led to Martha Stewart’s website showing how you can wrap raw eggs in silk ties or scraps and boil them for some pretty impressive results. Makes me wonder too what else you could dye this way?

The really light two were from a pastel tie covered in swirls. The swirls came out so light, but they look really amazing up close. We are bringing these with us to a Easter gathering on Sunday because the kids don’t need anymore hard boiled eggs. **whoops just found out you can’t eat them? is this true? I don’t see any mention on any of the sites I have visited. Okay guess they are just for looking at then.

Next we headed into Frederick MD to meet my sister…then since we were in town we stopped at the Euromarket for kinder eggs and I couldn’t resist buying these bars of chocolate (which are for gifts, but that kinder egg was mine) aren’t they just beautiful?

Once we got back home we set to work with the eggs and then the cupcakes I had mentioned in a previous post. We had a couple set-backs with the cupcakes. We weren’t able to find sour punch straws, so we bought rainbow twizzlers instead. Then our cupcakes turned out extra soft (prone to falling apart) so that when we inserted the twizzlers it wanted to push the cupcake apart. So we put the cupcakes back into the tin to keep them in shape…and once we finished decorating them fully I put them in the freezer. I think we are going to make a quick run out to pick up some clear disposable cups (like this) Then we can pop each cake into its own little cup to hold it in cupcake form until the receiver is ready to eat. I didn’t get any photos because it started to get dark, but I’ll take some tomorrow and report back about how the cup/bagging went.