have a Happy Easter!

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Easter tomorrow! Here is a photo of the cupcakes before they were packaged up. The small cups worked out perfectly (I cut them slightly shorter so they just covered the cupcake wrapper). Tom took some in for his co-workers today, and I gave one to my sister when we met up this morning. B also made some special ones for his friends, and one for himself that he wanted wrapped and ribbon-ed so he could eat it on Easter.

It was pouring rain but Heather and I meet up at 7am to go to a big yard sale at the fair grounds. I only ended up buying 3 little things (and 2 of those were for the kids) and I spent a whopping dollar in total, but I really had lots of fun.

I had ordered some sock monkey socks a few weeks ago and made these characters for the kid’s Easter baskets. My eldest has a love of sock-monkey things so I hope they will like them despite the crooked mouth, and how strange the elephant looks, haha. I made them cardboard rabbit ears to festive them up. I’m tempted to order myself another pair of the socks for wearing, I just love the blue + red together.

It has been raining all morning and afternoon so we had been just hanging about the house…but the sun is out now an everything is starting to dry, so we are gonna go get up to something outside. Happy Easter!