Easter 09

Easter was a good time, a nice easy going day at the in-laws. Tom’s sister and her family were also up visiting so it was a bigger bunch then normal. Then we spent the evening back at home, probably eating too much Easter candy.

I never did end up finding the Easter baskets in the attic. They were mismatch any way, and we only had ones for the kids. Once the kids were in bed Easter Eve I started googling fabric Easter baskets to see what I could make last minute and I found this amazing bunny basket. I had just bought some polka dot fabric a few days before also so that was handy. I don’t own the book that she got the original pattern from, so I just cut out squares to sew the basket. I wanted mine to be a bit bigger since I had those sock monkeys, and the kids were getting new water bottles too. I made one for Tom too and had time to fill and hide his before he even got home. I didn’t make myself one yet because I figured Tom had probably already bought something secretly to use for my basket (he did a big clay pot!) but I plan to make myself one this week to match everyone. Then I think they will fold up quite flat and can be re-used every year. I really like the way they look and can’t thank Liesl of Distressed enough for posting hers!

I also made vegan cheese danish for Thomas. I knew one of the thing he missed most was cream cheese pastries and I have been meaning to make some for awhile. I used the dough from this and then my own mixture of vegan cream cheese, a few tbsp of sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice, and 1 egg replacer (from egg replacer powder) I cut out the bottoms of the danish with a small bowl, and then spread a thin layer of cream cheese over the whole thing. I then went back and added more cream cheese to the centers, and cut more of the psterie dough into strips and sort of wound them around the outsides of the circles…pressing around the edge a bit.

I was so amazed with the results! I used a white frosting to drizzle the tops once they were cooled, and then we stored them in a covered cake stand overnight. I had a taste of one the same night I made them (Easter Eve) and thought they were very good, but letting them rest overnight and trying them the next day just improved them even more. Tom seems to like them a lot too as they have been vanishing pretty quickly ;)