I Love Rummage

This morning my sister arrived bright and early to go rummaging with me. We checked out a local church rummage sale and then a few yard sales along the way. It is so sunny and warm, and supposed to be nice all weekend long. I didn’t buy much myself, but I had a lovely time.

Yesterday while Tom was off we stopped at a used book sale with giant cardboard bins filled with old books. It was overwhelming because there were easily a couple hundred books in each box. It made you feel as though you could never dig through them all and you were left wondering what you missed out on. Our oldest son found us this beautiful edition of The Wizard Of Oz…the cover is goofy, but the illustrations are really great.

Time for me to run off again….I have 2 birthday cakes to bake today for a niece + nephew…and a project for a group show I want to start.