checkerboard lace

I have started a new knitting project, which will have to be my “anti-social” knitting. It requires paying attention and checking the pattern a lot. This is the first lace I have ever done, and the first thing I will have ever blocked (though I am sure I have knitted many things that were supposed to be blocked). I cast on only 38 stitches to make mine a bit thinner.

I figure the english paper piecing can be my social project, and I will save this knitting for all the times I spend waiting in my day (like waiting outside the school for the kids).

I also stopped in The Vintage Attic yesterday and had a really nice chat with the owner Melissa. I was looking for a long bench to put between the radiators here to hold some potted plants. I didn’t find a long bench, but two little ones that I couldn’t leave behind. This cute blue one, and a green one too.