We Love Ira Glass!

Last night’s dinner and a movie….well, kind of a movie. Tom, K (our 13 yr old), and I all headed to Germantown MD to see the live This American Life show which was broadcast to more then 400 theaters around the USA. It was really good, made you laugh + cry, and Ira Glass is just so wonderful.

Our 13 yr old has also become a big fan of the show in the last year and so we thought it was a very good time indeed. We stopped for dinner beforehand at The Common Market (which is a grocery shop really) but I love their sandwiches, specifically The Tempeh Stack….mmm

Oh and I didn’t take any photos during the broadcast, the screen photo was taken after it was all over and everyone was getting up to leave. The theater was actually pretty packed, more then I expected for a Thursday night. They are going to have an encore screening on the show on May 7th, for anyone who missed it.

The show will also be broadcast on the radio (but shorter) I believe they said the week after next? I couldn’t find the info on the website, so I can’t be sure.