My Mom came up by train for a long awaited visit. It has been six months since my older sister and I have seen her, and we have been having a lot of fun. Maybe, just maybe too much fun? There have been used book sales, yard sales that started at 7am, hot fudge sundaes with sprinkles, knitting outside, and gardening. Last night the kids and I had her watch Howl’s Moving Castle and just as I expected, she loved it. She has gone off to spend the next four days at my sister’s house which means I need to spend those days focused on work. The book needs some attention, a few orders need to be packed, I have new wholesale orders, and the shop update is gonna be here before I even know it. The studio is a wreck again and needs a good thorough cleaning before my mom returns to my house. I plan to show her Spirited Away next, and she will help me figure out flowered granny squares, which always give me trouble. We have some other crafty plans up our sleeves at well, so the studio needs to be spotless, we are going to need the space!