Sorry I am a bit absent. My Mom is back with me for the week and we have been keeping very busy. Lots of crocheted flowers which will become granny square pillows. We also made something called Mrs. Rineheart’s Funny Cake, my mom used to make it when we were younger. When she was at my sister’s house they made Shoefly Pie. I am not a huge fan but I always remember the funny cake recipe handwritten in her box, that and toll-house cookie pie…so we went with funny cake. We are going to try again next week though because the crust came out a little off. Its basically a pie-cake where the chocolate layer sinks to the bottom and creates a gooey chocolate section between the crust and cake.

We have officially addicted my Mom to Uno, and made her a super Hayao Miyazaki fan. Sorry Dad, she may not come back the same ;)