Rainy Monday

It is so rainy and gloomy out today, which is probably good to keep me inside and focused on work related tasks. Remember the rummage sale I went to with my sister, well I got this new mug, and it is my current favorite. Its a good big size for morning coffee and is covered in little pots growing flowers, pretzels, sheep, and other things. I’m so glad I bought it. They didn’t have anything priced and would just say a price for your pile before you paid. I bought a nice metal ice cream scoop, this mug, and some vintage skinny pipe cleaners. The lady said $1.00 for all of it-so good.

We are getting some of our flower seeds going indoors. I read about making little pots from newspaper. Then when you plant them out (newspaper and all) it doesn’t disturb the roots, and its basically free since we always get a Sunday paper. I walked around the yard when the rain had stopped to see what we have coming back. My peonies are growing like little red pink hands coming out of the ground. I love the way they seem to grow a couple inches every hour. I also have purple coneflower, hollyhocks, clematis (which is growing crazy fast), and tulips all starting to show, but of course I want more.

I am doing my best to only plant things this year that do well on their own. We want to get some mountain laurel (PA’s state flower) and other native plants to make the backyard a little more exciting. I am going to post some photos on flickr of mystery plants (maybe all be considered weeds) I’m not against keeping them, I just want to know more about them. So if you are of the plant persuasion and would like to take a look, go here.

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10 Responses to Rainy Monday

  1. flora says:

    Cool mug! Reminds me of lusummers stuff

  2. Stephanie says:

    Those paper containers are FABULOUS!! What a brilliant idea! I had been putting off planting seeds because I would have to go out and purchase little environmentally damaging plastic containers! Do you have a link to the article/tutorial on making them? If not, I’ll just google till I find something! XD

  3. Summer says:

    This reminds me…you can certify you backyard as a wildlife habitat! I love this idea and I want to do this in the future: http://www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife/create.cfm?CFID=11859870&CFTOKEN=28c854a39bb96495-C607FDED-5056-A868-A02B4DEA21BC437E

    Such a great idea!

  4. Angie Palin says:

    great containers…i’m gonna try this out!

  5. Angie Palin says:

    great containers…i’m gonna try this out!

  6. Debby says:

    If you hadn’t said you bought that mug, I would have thought it was one of your creations. Good luck with the seeds….

  7. bex says:

    oh, great mug, i found a jug for 20p at a local car boot fair the other day!! good luck to your seeds, the ones on our window sill are proper polants now….im just waiting for the first flowers!!!

  8. Amity says:

    That mug certainly looks like it was made for you or by you!

  9. Amber I. says:

    Those newspaper pots are great! I’ll have to make some for my endless planting.

  10. Heather says:

    I love that mug!! And that pastry looks really delicious. It’s making me hungry.

    Those newspaper containers are awesome.