One of my favorite things about living in Pennsylvania is all the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. The top photo is our actual fence. Tom hung the hex sign the same day the fence was finished, and we have a few that hang inside our house too.

I came across these hex decals while thrift shopping with my mom and sister today, and the little book was tucked inside the package too.

Last night was wonderful (but I didn’t remember the take any photos) Tom and I had dinner at Sticky Fingers first and then headed to the Jewish Community Center to see Handmade Nation. It was really awesome to finally see it, and so funny that when my brief appearance came on I felt so embarrassed by my voice and then just chuckled at Tom in the background of the film eating an apple, and then it was over. Not the film (but me talking) Suddenly I realized I had no idea what I even said, haha. Aw well that’s life. Tom did the same thing, not feel embarrassed about me talking but was shocked to see himself and then realized he didn’t even catch what I said. We still had lots of fun and got to see some of my crafty friends-which makes me miss doing shows!

I am planning to apply to some shows starting in October…just nothing this summer. So other then that I have not been home much at all. My mom goes back to my sister’s house next week, so it is work-work-work for me. Then we have some special Mother’s Day plans before she heads back home.