the growing to do list…

There are so many things I can’t wait to do this summer….I am saving most of them as rewards for myself. Each time I work hard on the book, its a little sewing reward for me. I was pretty thrilled to find this Paddington Bear pattern recently. My youngest one just becomes more and more in love with Paddington the more we read. I think I am going to make him (the bear) a coat using this green plaid though because it is so pretty. I think little Paddington Plushies would make great Christmas gifts for some of our small friends too especially when accompanied with one of the books. Have I mentioned that I have been Christmas shopping/making since February? We are going for a goal of “handmade, second hand, or books only” this year…so I have been collecting whenever I spot something perfect. Maybe its a bit odd, but I really like it.

Then of course I have this stash of new-to-me fabric that I am just dying to dig into to. I want to try and make a quilt using this paper piecing method. I have begun to feel less and less guilty over my fabric stash and adding to it, the more I use it.

I’ve almost completed my flower granny pillow cover too, and am still slowly working away on my hexagon quilt. Oh and knitting wise I gave up on the checkerboard scarf. I must have made a mistake because suddenly the pattern was all off, I just keep stitching though hoping it would right itself and not be too noticeable. Then one day while knitting in the backyard my dog ran up grabbed the knitting and ran across the yard with it. It was just the perfect excuse for me to frog the whole thing and I started over using a random lace pattern that I can do anywhere (without having to pay close attention) I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…but I’m gonna keep going and will post a photo when it is finished and blocked. Which will still be awhile since I keep it in the car for knitting while I wait.

I know it sounds like a lot of stuff, but really it is all very spread out. A question I get a lot is where I find time to make stuff. I think everyone is different and everyone certainly has different schedules. My work time is mostly while the kids are at school, and very late at night. I can easily spend at least one night a week working until 3am and then still get up by 8am the next day. It also helps that Tom is the morning person and he gets up every morning with our oldest to get him off to school. Then since he works later we have every morning together, which is a big help. I don’t watch tv, or do laundry (Tom is king of laundry which is totally awesome because I hate folding clothes or remembering to move stuff to the dryer) Tom is pretty ace about housework, we both do dishes, tidy, etc. If I need to do work in the evening the kids just hang out with me in the studio. I don’t have an infant, or small toddler who could swallow pins while I am looking away, so that makes things a lot easier. There is a lot of work related stuff that they help with too, like trips to the post office for mailing, fabric shopping, etc. This is the life we have carved out for ourselves, and over the past 6 years we have learned to balance it in a way that works out well for all of us. Everyone has to find their own balance to do something they love. Of course there have been a handful of crazy times where I messed up shipping dates for a wholesale order and maybe just maybe had to spend a day or two like a mad person sewing and attaching eyeballs but I love to make things, so it is what I choose to spend my time doing. I haven’t always been able to be productive, my kids used to be smaller and I used to sew much much slower, but the more I have done it..the faster I am, the quicker I can do things, and the more I can get done. I am like my own personal sweatshop! Only I have breaks whenever I want, NPR to listen to, and the only person forcing me to sew faster is myself :)

Wow, I didn’t mean for that to go on and on. I just don’t want anyone else to ever feel like they are lazy, or unproductive…because there are times when I am totally both! Then I just show you my thrift finds or something, speaking of work, I have to go do some.