Fabric Swap + a meme

So here is more of the fabric from my latest thrifty fabric find. I decided it would be fun to hold a big fabric swap. If it goes well, I will do another soon. Here are the details…
The first 20 people to comment that they want to take part are in. Outside the USA is fine too as long as your willing to send pretty quickly. I will update on here whenever a new package comes in and once they are all received.

You will cut 20 6×6 inches squares (that’s 15.23 cm is that obnoxious?) from two different fabrics from your stash. So 40 squares total…20 of each fabric. Then you send them to my post office and when they all arrive I will spread them out so everyone ends up with 40 squares each one a different fabric and ship them back out.

A few notes–please only send 2 different fabrics (not a variety or it will become too confusing for me to tell who sent what, and I don’t want to accidentally send anyone back their own fabric)

Try and send fabric that is a little unusual or special…not something anyone could easily go to Joannes Fabrics and get. This makes it more fun, vintage is good too! Okay once I get 20 people who are interested I will update here that it is closed for this round. If it goes smoothly I will do another one soon.

and I was tagged by Kristen:
8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. Used Booksale coming up
2. Summer trip to SC
3. Kickball game
4. summer
5. our trip to NYC
6. book deadline (just because then the hardest work is done)
7. Mother’s Day crafternoon party I am having
8. sewing time

8 Things I did yesterday
1. packed and shipped orders
2. went swimming
3. made breakfast for dinner
4. sewed a Paddington Body
5. ran out of polyfil while stuffing bananas
6. weeded a flower bed
7. read a little while waiting for tom to get home
8. watched it rain

8 Things I Wish I could do
1. travel more
2. squeeze extra hours into each day
3. sew my own clothes
4. see my friends or sister today
5. get something fun in the mail
6. have the motivation to exercise blah
7. have unlimited craft resources (like the Martha craft dept, swoon!)
8. have another solo show because it is fun work

8 Shows I Watch (after I just claimed I don’t watch tv too…well here are shows I Netflix)
1. Lost (we actually watch this online on Thursday, which means tonight!)
2. The Office
3. Project Runway
4. This American Life (the tv show + radio show)
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?
8. ? I’m sure there must be more we have Netflixed but I am drawing a blank.

I tag anyone who feels like doing it!