the green stuff

The weather is perfect today, just the right breeze but really sunny. I have heard there are thunderstorms coming our way for the evening…but I am taking advantage of the nice day to get some flowers planted out, beds weeded, etc. We spent the morning outside..Tom mowing, me digging up some stuff, and taking some pictures.

The photos from top to bottom are …#1 a mystery tree that grows in the stone wall, I just realized there is a second one growing. Its very pretty and covered in small pink flowers. #2 our maple tree, it is looking really good this year, lots of growth. #3 peony that my parents bought 2 years ago for me for Mother’s Day (isnt that sweet) it looks like its going to get about 12 flowers this year (last year it had 3 or 4) and #4 clematis that I planted last year and is going nuts in the best way. It is covered in flowers that look like they are going to open any day now, and makes me want to get a few more this year.