you get the random pics

My camera has spent much of the day buried under some “to do” pile of fabric or another. So here are some recent photos I had already on my computer. Paddington Bear in progress (and a poorly photo), and Clue (oh look another poorly lit photo)

I picked up Clue a few weeks ago at a thrift shop. It is original Clue and the previous owner took perfect care of it. It even had sharpened pencils inside for note taking. There is a photo of Team Tom + Bean secretly discussing their clues. So far they are undefeated champs. I also tried rollerskating around the kitchen with some new-to-me skates I picked up second hand and oh my, was I awkward. You’d think it would be just like riding a bike, and would all come back to me, but its not. Otherwise I am keeping busy and should soon have some progress photos for you soon.