food stuff

I am currently loving…
+ the weather-sunny, breezy, t-shirt weather in the sun and sweater weather in the shade…perfect.
+ fruit, fruit, and more fruit. My lunch yesterday involved peaches, and today grilled pineapple.
+ the way the sun is still shining when we sit down to eat dinner.
+ strawberry shortcake-for breakfast. I mean consider this…homemade unsweetened biscuit, with sliced strawberries and fat-free coolwhip?, I am quite sure a donut would be worse. Oh and if you are vegan try Richwhip (I can’t thank Kittee enough for posting about it) I keep the small cartons in my freezer and thaw in the morning if I want to make some whipped cream for Tom.
+ the promise of friends coming to visit for afternoons of hand stitching + coffee.
+ the farmer’s markets + plant sales!