recycled trees

I am taking part in a group show that involves making art from reclaimed/recycled materials. I thought it was appropriate to make some trees out of “some trees”. I created these fellas with cereal boxes and the green is from velveteen ribbon that had been previously used to wrap a present.

I’ve been very busy lately with so many things coming up. I have received a few emails though asking if I was doing any shows this summer. I actually have not applied to any shows, just because I wanted to not feel stressed with the book writing. I do plan to apply to Crafty Bastards (aps are open now) and if I am accepted that will be the first show I do this year! I have certainly missed the excitement that comes with show prep, but it has also been a very welcomed break. I will be attended a few group art shows this summer though–and I will have some more info on those when they get closer!