Its been a busy day of running about. This morning we picked up a little friend and then more bubbles and a sprinkler. Then we headed to Chuck E Cheese where I lost a little piece of my soul to boredom, haha. The kid’s loved it of course. I brought knitting with me, but ran out of yarn before we left. We were killing some time till we met up with my sister to pick up yet another friend.

Then there was much time spent outside. I got to mess with plants while the kids had fun with the bubbles + sprinkler. Never underestimate the awesome power of a $2.99 sprinkler.

As for the photos #1 is a crocheted mini blanket I bought a few years ago, and #2 is a present I made for someone…well, part of their gift any way.

In fabric swap news I am just waiting for 5 packages and I will post a peek of the fabric received thus far this week. Alright, now that the kids are back inside, dried, and throughally entertained with their friends I am sneaking up to the studio to work on some plush.