My Memorial Day probably wasn’t typical. Tom worked, so Katie come over to spend the morning/early afternoon with me. We worked on paper piecing and watched episodes of The Office. The kids still had all their friends over, so we only saw them for breakfast + lunch ;) The last quilt square up there is my first attempt at string quilt using paper piecing. It was interesting and I will try it again for sure, but I was silly and taped some of the paper together (what was I thinking?!?) and so removing the paper from the back proved to be a bit difficult. Luckily a friend mentioned soaking the whole thing in water so that helped.

After she left I took the kids and met my sister at a park near her house so we did make it outside for a bit of the day. We did have the more typical Memorial picnic type celebration on Saturday night. Tom came home early and we spent the evening out doors. The kids roasted marshmallows, there were bubbles, and then fire flies to chase when it got dark. The fire flies were tiny this year, must be babies? I didn’t bring out my camera but they were really cute.

I can’t believe school is almost over for the kids. Just one full week of school left after this one, then Summer is here! We’ve been marking up our calendar with trips, and things we plan to do. My most favorite thing about Summer is not needing to worry about school schedules.

Fabric Swap News-I am going to go check the post office box today, I needed 5 more packages and I know 1 is being shipped out today, so I should have them all by the end of this week and will have them sorted and mailed before next week begins. Does everyone want peeks of the fabric, or you would rather it be a surprise? I had planned to post peeks, but it has been so fun opening each package not knowing what the fabric would be that I thought maybe some of you would rather be surprised too.