Today I have spun a skein of yarn, made some little woodland cards, and finished a giant mushroom that has been sitting around without a face for a couple of months. My husband came home from Dallas last night and it has lifted my spirits tremendously. He compared our relationship last night to the giants in MirrorMask. Where the women looks as though she would fly off and the man like he would be pulled down to the ground, but as long as they are together they float along….aww I love that. Sorry for the romantic nonsense, but that’s how we roll.
I am aiming for a shop update tomorrow, I know its been awhile. :)


A truly less than exciting day around the Kenney house. The kids are thoroughly entertained with their cousins here, I however spent much of my day cleaning, sorting supplies in the studio, and then sewing up some small hanging houses (like this). I had some other photos (like the awesome package Miss Emily sent me just because she is sweet like that) But it has been a dark rainy day, so the photos are kind of bad. It is much cooler though, and that has been a pleasant change. Ho Hum..now I am debating whether to start reading a new book, or sew a little longer…Hurry home Thomas I am lonesome without you!


Today I filled up water balloons for all the boys. There have been elaborate blanket forts, video game playing, pizza and iced tea-so much iced tea! So getting them outside to run around for awhile is always a good thing.

I will leave you with a list of movies I am excited to see ;) (sort of a list for my self, but you might like some too!)
Ponyo-What a perfect, absolutely perfect way to finish off the last month in Summer!!
Paperheart– Oh Michael Cera, you can do no wrong!
Year One-again Michael Cera
Sunshine Cleaning-I loved Amy Adams in Junebug, this looks great and by the same folks who did Little Miss Sunshine which I loved.
The Time Travelers Wife– I loved this book, and my sister and I already are making plans to see the movie.
500 Days Of Summer– mostly because of Zooey Deschanel.
Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince– We saw te trailer for this on another movie we watched recently, and Tom and I were were both all *gasp* over it haha.
Gigantic-I blogged about this before..
And of course the new Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland, and I am sure there are others…but this is quite a list as is. :)