The First Day Of School

The first day of school seems to have been a success! My youngest son’s teacher from kindergarten is teaching first grade this year and she is his teacher again. Which I think is why he was so at ease. He really liked eating lunch at school, and recess of course. My oldest son went off to high school for the first time, and seems to like it well enough even though he had homework on the first day. I of course had loads of paperwork to fill out, aw back-to-school hand cramp :)

I went with Tom to Frederick once we got the kids off to school and we had coffee, then spent a long time at the bookstore. Then we met his parents for lunch before he headed off to work, it was all really strange and new (the whole both kids in school thing) Then I came home and cleaned things before getting the kids. Not a bit of work was done, but I’ve got tomorrow for that. I hope any other first days went well without too many tears from the parents :)

Our Summer’s End

Today is our last day of Summer here at the Kenney house. The kids return to school tomorrow, and I will suddenly have a very different schedule. We didn’t do anything thrilling today, just one last Summer day for milling about. I picked up my oldest from a sleepover, I planned meals for the next week, we went grocery shopping and baked muffins for lunch packing. I laid my hexes from the Summer out on my bed to get an idea of how many more I will need for a proper bed quilt, we checked on all the sunflowers in the yard, packed lunches, double checked backpacks, and all that good stuff. It has definitely been a fun Summer, but I am looking forward to Fall my very most favorite time of year.