So the other day my gnome fabric from Spoonflower arrived. I really like it, but I want the pattern to be smaller, so I will change that up before I order more. I also dropped my camera the other day-while it was on. It dropped it lens first and then it made a crunching noise when trying to retract the lens. I finally got it to open and close without the sound but then all the photos it would take looked like that blur above. Two years is looking to be the time I can own a little digital camera before I kill it. Rest in pieces little buddy, no really-I let the boys take the old camera apart. I got a new camera today, same type but I guess newer version.

Besides dropping cameras I have been enjoying the Fall like weather, especially in the mornings. I’ve been getting so much done while the boys are in school, it feels so surreal still. I have already made B’s costume for Halloween, a bunch of new plush, cleaned the studio, etc.