more autumnal goodness

Since school has started we have really developed a rhythm that is working well. On Saturdays I plan out a week’s worth of meals (and lunches) and go shopping from that list. I have no idea why its the first time I am really doing it, but it is wonderful. Not only does it take away the “what will I make for dinner” but has also really reduced the amount of groceries I buy. I also have been doing studio work only while the kids are at school. This means we have spent our week day evenings either swimming, taking a walk, at the library, or walking down to the local theater to watch a movie. Then the weekends are looser with unplanned meals, crafty time, friends, etc. Now if I could only find a system to keep me on track with emails.

Last night’s dinner was tortellini soup which is super easy. I used veggie stock, carrots, onions, and spinach, and then threw in the tortellini when the veggies were tender, easy peasy.

Fall leaf plushies are in the works-oak leaves above, but other colors and varieties soon.