I did a small bit of thrift shopping yesterday when I had to be out and about for other errands. I only bought the stuff above, but it was nice to just look around since its been awhile. The plastic mushrooms and pinecones were part of a plastic arrangement involving a glass vase and wood stand that was selling for $1.00. I told the thrift shop workers they could keep and sell all the rest of the arrangement because I only wanted the pinecones + mushrooms (it had plastic apples and holly like leaves as well). And they seemed pretty happy to keep it. The plate was also $1.00 and will go on my wall as soon as I pick up some more plate hangers.

Today involved lots of sewing, a big messy project with sprinkles, and bill paying-woo! But tonight we are making lasagna and going swimming so it should work out to be a very nice Wednesday.