Just a few food photos for anyone looking for inspiration. I go online on Saturday mornings now to plan out the dinners for the week, and can always use inspiration myself. I have been really bad about taking dinner photos. The kids are usually hungry and either helping make the food, set the table, get drinks etc. that I don’t have much time to say “wait let me take a photo” haha. But I’ve got a few so I thought I’d share..

The one and only lunch picture I took. Edamame has been a big hit with my youngest. I send frozen (but fully cooked) in his lunch and they are defrosted by lunch. He also really likes quorn faux chicken-he is not a sandwich eater.

Some things we’ve done for dinner during the weeks are fettuccine alfredo, breakfast for dinner (we actually do some variety of breakfast food for dinner almost once every week) in the photo is was gingerbread waffles (which everyone loved thank goodness), faux sausage links, and berry smoothies with spinach (which you would never know). We also made faux chicken pot pies and instead of making crusts I cooked them with biscuits on top. The biscuits need to cook on their own for a little bit first to make sure they are cooked all the way through, then you can add them on top for the last five minutes or so.

My biggest challenge has been getting my youngest son to love veggies. My oldest will eat any vegetable and really likes most of them. I really try not to hide them (as in the case with the spinach) but figure hiding and having them on the plate is a win/win. So we have been branching out by preparing veggies differently, offering veg that they might not have had before, etc….this week’s menu includes artichoke, acorn squash, and corn/zucchini saute.

I really like the following websites for food inspiration:
Martha Stewart Everyday Food and
The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen
What websites do you like/use?
I’m going to make it my goal to try and get a few food photos in every week so I can make posts now and again like this, with just a bunch of meals.