More Halloween stuff…For our party I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted these owls from Martha, or these really cool toe-tags invitations from Brooklyn Limestone. So I got them both printed and will use a little of each :)

The instructions for these pumpkins are again from Wisecraft’s awesome projects I couldn’t find matte spray paint so I just used glossy. Some of the ornaments seemed to have a little trouble taking the paint-as in the paint they already had would sort of crack. But I just kept layering the paint, and even though they are not totally smooth, I still really liked how they turned out. The ornaments were thrifted but not at all antique. Oh and the ribbon was thrifted too!

The last photo is some cool Halloween fabric which I got at Walmart of all places. I am planning to make the kids each a trick or treat bag from them. I’ll leave you with a few more Halloween links I am loving..

Owlsorts-Allsorts new Halloween blog, I just love it!

Cat + Owl masks– from Martha of course…I’m going to get some of these printed too.

Skip To My Lou’s-Halloween votive tutorial, really great use for small jars. We don’t have babyfood but I think small jelly, pickle, etc jars would work.