The Mushroom Festival

Today the boys and I headed East to Kennett Square Pa for the Mushroom Festival. The day was pretty grey, but it didn’t start really pouring until we were walking to the car (and we had umbrellas) but it was cool enough for sweatshirts and that is always nice.

There was mushroom soup, breaded mushrooms, and even some mushroom themed ice cream. Mushroom gourds, mushroom plushies, and mushroom paintings. There was a ton of vendors and lots of people too. I just sort of wished that all the vendors had to be somehow mushroom related (how amazing would that be!) But, either way it was still fun.

On the drive home we stopped in Blue Ball PA to check out the Flower and Craft Warehouse. It was a huge building with a craft department, floral section, etc. I would say the prices are not exactly what comes to mind when you think warehouse…it wasn’t discount, just normal prices. However in the floral dept they have a section dedicated to fake food, and it is amazing. Everything from fruits and veggies to hot dogs and cakes. So it was worth checking out. it definitely is large and fun to go through and check out crafty supplies, worth stopping if your passing through.

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11 Responses to The Mushroom Festival

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh I always forget about mushroom fest!

  2. Jen says:

    thank you so much for posting this! my husband wants to go to this SO BADLY and it always falls on my daughter’s birthday. (except this year and i totally forgot!) spontaneous rod trip tomorrow!

  3. Why does it always seem like you live in a lovely, mythical world?!

  4. cristy says:

    Wow, mushroom festival? That is pretty awesome!

  5. Persephone says:

    I always giggle when someone mentions Blue Ball. (Maybe I am immature) Those mushroom cookies look awesome.

  6. All of these amazing little trips you always take really make me want to live on the East Coast. I mean, we have the seafood festival and the Mullet festival here- but they don’t really have much appeal to a vegetarian. =)

  7. jenz says:

    thats sooo cool i wanna goo :o

  8. Samantha M. says:

    At least there was SOME mushroom stuff at your festival – I went to a corn festival where everything was informercial-quality merchandise and generic fair food, with the occasional stand where they sold corn on the cob. *rolls eyes*

  9. Janet Nolan says:

    I love B’s hat!

  10. esme says:

    Oh! I wish they had a mushroom festival here! how fun!

  11. Heather :0) says:

    Aww mushroom bliss. Do they have it every year?