mass distraction

The studio is in quite a state of disarray! We have begun to finally paint it, and will be doing some rearranging. It makes it very hard to get any work done, but i figure we should be finished by the end of the week or so, and it will be worth it.

This is where we will be spending the next bit of mornings and nights-painting painting painting.

Kata Gold

I received a copy of Kata Golda’s Hand-stitched Felt last week, and have been utterly charmed by the sweet hand-sewn projects inside the cover. The book has 25 projects which I think would be so perfect to sew with children. The projects use wool felt, and for some of the smaller projects (like those cute little finger puppets on the cover) all my wool scraps will sure come in handy.

I think my most favorite thing about the book is the hand-sewn aspect. There is nothing more relaxing then slowing down, and picking up something to sew by hand. I want to do another “crafternoon” get together before Christmas and I think there are plenty of projects in the book that would fit the bill. Easy enough for beginners, but customizable enough to keep even the most savvy sewer entertained.

I am also thinking that the book along with a bundle of wool, threads, and needles would make quite the nice gift for a certain niece of mine.

You can enter to win a copy of the book by checking out this cute video and leaving a comment there. The contest ends on Oct. 30th….

I also have a few other books they sent me to review soon and will be doing a giveaway here on my blog, so check back next week some time for that.