Inspector Gadget

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is his Halloween costume, oh no he’s going as Sherlock Holmes…but my little guy is super into detective and mystery solving right now (hence the Sherlock Holmes costume) and he has been asking for a trench coat for months now. I told him I would probably have to make one because I didn’t even know they made trench coats for kids.

Just imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this trench coat at Goodwill this afternoon for $4! B has been wearing it ever since, sleuthing around the house. He says he looks just like Inspector Gadget and I have to agree.

B and I spent all day together on a school field trip–outside–the entire day. It was 50F today and I am still cold from it. We are going to go make a big pot of hot chocolate and cuddle up in some blankets to watch Inspector Gadget :)