creating trophies

We have just a week until our Halloween party, so I have lots to get made! We are having everyone come in costume and wanted to have trophies for a costume contest. We considered assembled trophies like the ones we made before. But in the end we found these Halloween busts at Micheal’s. They were $1.99 each and 30% off, so pretty cheap and we used the gold spray paint to coat them. I think for the label bit with “best costume” etc. we are going to use my label maker. The kind that makes raised letters in plastic strips. Then we will glue the strips in place on the bottom part of the trophy, and spray a coat or two of gold over the label. I think it should work pretty well.

Now we want to find smaller busts to make a trophy for each of the kids who will be attending. I think the bottoms of their trophies will say something like “you are #1” Since we will be deciding on their winning title as we see their costumes, like “this trophy goes to so and so for the puffiest dress.. haha

I am off to bake a huge batch of peanut butter and jelly muffins. I volunteered to chaperone tonight at the library’s lock-in, and we are bringing the muffins. They were my oldest request after checking to make sure none of the attendees have peanut allergies :) It is going to be a very long night I think, but as far as places I wouldn’t mind being locked in at-a library is up there on the top of the list.