Halloween Windows

Inspired by the Martha Stewart window cling silhouettes, I made some Halloween curtains. I have been looking for a sturdy yet gauzey orange fabric and found it today on clearance at Joanne’s. I cut the curtains to fit inside the windows with enough leftover to sew a small channel at the top for the tension rods. Then using spray glue and black craft felt I created the silhouettes.

Once the sun is down the effect you see now should be seen from outside our house as the house light shines out. The black felt is actually much more opaque looking then it seems here, so I can’t wait to see it tonight. I’ll post the night time photos over on Flickr.

These should be fairly easy to store and re-use year after year.


To make these “poison” style candy jars I printed out a sheet of vintage labels from here (make sure you go under ALL SIZES and print from the largest file) I bought the spice jars at Goodwill, and they had screw on lids and really bad labels on each jar. I used a little goo-be-gone to get rid of the labels and then sent the spice jars on a trip through the dishwasher.

I picked up a bag of corks at the Craft shop, and then used spray glue to attach the new labels to the front of each jar. I plan to have a bunch on our Halloween food table, but I think they would make pretty awesome favors for guests too!

Just don’t forget if you have younger children to explain that they should never eat or drink anything marked poison. :)

I have a bunch more Halloween things to share with you soon! There might be more then one blog post a day for the next few days just to be able to share everything.