getting ready..

prize bags




Almost everything I needed to get done-is done. Phew! I made up a big batch of cupcakes and turned some of them into cats and some into owls. The rest have cute little Halloween picks on top from Bake It Pretty, which is where I got those awesome treat bags above too.

I put together a Halloween mix to play at the party, and then burned cds of the mix for all of our guests. I called it the “Howl-O-Ween Mix” haha. There are songs you would expect like Purple People Eater, This Is Halloween, Monster Mash, Thriller, etc. but also some songs I got from old records like the original Casper theme song, I’m A Mummy, and The Blob. It was so fun to try and come up with songs for it.

Now its just a little bit of tidying the kitchen back up, and then figuring out a few more party games….then its just waiting until everyone arrives :) I’ll be back tomorrow with photos from the party.