Halloween Party rewind








Last night’s party seemed to go really well! I think everyone came in costume too, and seriously there were so many amazing costumes! I love all of our friends for going so all out! We had Princess Daisy and Luigi, Popeye and Olive Oyl, Peter Pan, Waldo, Beetlejuice, Mummy, Vikings, A Baby, and so much more.

Everyone brought tons of food and no one complained about all our silly games. In fact I think everyone played. We had wrap the mummy relays with toilet paper, bobbing for apples, and donuts on a string. Our party was supposed to be outside with a bonfire and hay–but the rain ruined that. So instead of hanging our donuts from the tree we had to do a fishing pole style, but it made it even funnier.

We are all still totally wiped out because the party didn’t end until almost 2am. The kids stayed awake the entire time, and we were all a bit zombie like this morning. Today was just as busy busy busy with us running over to my sisters for my nephew’s birthday party. Then we headed back home to get my oldest ready for his first formal Homecoming dance, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

My webshop is down right now, I’m working to get that fixed. My whole website was down last night and all of today actually because a bunch of stuff needed updating etc. Anyhow more on all that later, for now there will be some more photos over on my Flickr of the party.