sick food + cuckoos

cuckoo clock ornaments WIP

sick food

While it feels odd to work on Christmas related plush, it also feels unbelievable that it is almost November! These are my cuckoo clock ornaments for Art Star’s annual ornament show. I just need to add the pinecones and I will be shipping them off tomorrow. The show starts Nov. 7th-be sure and check it out!

Since my little one was home sick yesterday (and I am still getting over a cold myself) we made some homemade mock-chicken noodle soup. Along with biscuits, apples, and hot tea it seemed the perfect sick food to me.

Oh I have been getting lots of emails about the shop-and why is it still down. I have to upgrade to the newest edition of zencart before I can make my shop live again. This may mean that for the Nov 1st update I might use Etsy…..still debating over that. I will have a Nov 1st update though, and I will post more info here on what I decide.