Here comes Christmas!

The Christmas decorating has begun! We had friends and family over today and they helped us get all the boxes of Christmas goodness down from the attic. It was so quick with so many hands to help. We have begun the decorating but are waiting to get the tree until we get back from Boston.

We have some family coming to house sit for us but I didn’t want to leave them with a burden of a tree and one crazy cat. This is the first year we have had a cat with a tree and I am quite nervous about it. Biscuit is crazy, she climbs walls, chews cardboard like a dog might, and loves heights.

Any one have an experience or advice on that? We are going to keep all our glass ornaments off the tree this year just in case, but it still is a bit of worry. Otherwise I am so excited to get the house into Christmas shape…I have after all had Christmas music playing for weeks :)


The lovely folks at Storey Publishing have given me a copy of this fun cookie book Cookie Craft Christmas to give away—-and 3 sets of cookie craft cards to giveaway as well.

The first thing that struck me about the book, is its small stature. I love it, it is so cute and hardcover. The photos are all so good, and I love that so many of the cookies can be easily made using cookie cutters that most people probably already have on hand. While it is not really so much a recipe book, it is decorating how-to. The book also has all sorts of helpful hints of packing cookies for mailing, shipping, and cookie swap parties. I was very tempted to keep this book for myself :)

Here is how the giveaway works…leave a comment on this entry telling me your favorite kind of cookie by Tues Dec. 1st (at 11 am EST) and I will use the random number generator to pick winners. The first number picked wins the book, and the next 3 each win a cute little folder with 4 cookie cards and matching envelopes.

making making making…

My boys only have a half day today, so my morning was filled with so much making! I am going to have a Black Friday update on Friday—a few of the goodies above, and some other stuff. And of course I am working hard to get all my stock made for Bazaar Bizarre Boston + Handmade Arcade Pittsburgh. They are coming up so quick!

I slightly changed the gingermen from last year, and now I even have couples—little boy and girl gingerkids. And some new handmade cards. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow :) :) I’ll be back on Friday with the Etsy update and some other goodies, like that cookie book giveaway I talked about.