jack frost + gingerbread man

These guys are for Luvable + Hugable at Gallery Hanahou, which is coming up soon! I will have more info on the show on my news page very soon. I have a few more plush for the show that are almost done (they will be shipping out tomorrow) but meanwhile here are the finished two.

I’ve had to stop taking dinner photos, since it gets dark so early now. Let me tell you Butternut Squash with browned butter looks pretty gross when you take its photos with a flash. But it tasted good :)

I did get a photo of the Spanish Tortilla I made for my son’s Spanish class the other day. Everyone brought in food to celebrate the end of term. I found these instructions and tips so very helpful, the whole thing seemed like it was going to be scary, but went so smoothly I think I might make another next week for us to eat. I also made Polvorones de Canele for a taste of Mexico, which I remembered from a class party when we lived in Texas. But I didn’t get a photo of those because as soon as I got the last batch cooled and packed up I had to head to the school to drop them off.

Anyhow without my own photos here are some of the recipe we have enjoyed so far this week…Butternut Squash with browned butter (their photo had me sold), Roasted Cauliflower-which was oh so good, I can’t thank the person that reccomeneded the Simplyrecipes site enough, it’s great! Tonight I am making up a batch of these amazing looking pumpkin parfaits for Thursday, but will veganize them so Tom can share the goodness :)