I have been having so much fun reading all your family traditions for the holidays, they are are so wonderful to read and really have me getting all excited. I promise that after my update Sunday I’ll post a bunch of Thanksgiving stuff, and will lay off the December holidays until Thanksgiving is over ;) Not all all that I want to rush it. I almost wish the whole season was longer.

The Ebelskiver above was totally inspired by HappyDoodleLand’s blog. When I saw that I just knew the kids and I had to give it a try. She has a link to a wonderful Youtube video that is really helpful too. For the first try I just used Light Bisquik mix and soy milk, mixed to a good consistency. They turned out soo good, and now I can’t wait to make a filled batch.

Oh and here are some photos of the studio. I tried to take pictures of all of it, but it was so overcast today. If it is sunny tomorrow I will try again.