and more cupcakes…

and more and more cupcakes…this time making patterns with cupcakes made from paper…
I had all my paper out to make an invitation to a crazy Christmas sweater party, and then I couldn’t stop there. So cupcakes upon cupcakes.

We went to Book Bingo at the library, it was lots of fun and we won 4 books! The bakesale seemed to go well, but I only sold 4 cupcakes haha. People seemed to want brownies-there were two batches of those and they sold out. You just can’t beat chocolate brownies. It was even what my own kids wanted! Oh well it was fun making them and now the kids have a friend spending the night who can help eat them up (although they will probably be wishing they had more brownies instead ;)


So I finally checked the book Hello Cupcake out of our library. I had seen photos online and really wanted to be able to look through the whole book, and it is awesome. I was really hoping for an excuse to make some of the cupcakes, and tonights library bake sale was the perfect excuse!

We made the tv dinner cupcakes from the book. Except since the cupcakes are going to be sold individually we left out the chocolate pudding ones, and simply made six of each of the others. The mashed potatoes and peas + carrots are my favorites, they are so funny.

I decided to make little tv signs to explain what the cupcakes are…just in case any one is confused :) We used the foil cupcake liners too instead of the foil pans, again since they will be sold individually. Lets hope they all sell out and help the teen group raise money for their gingerbread contest!