The Pilgrim’s Progress

Today is Pilgrim + Native American costume day at school. B is some what a costume fanatic, so any excuse to dress up for school is right up his alley. We bought a pair of black pants, a black turtleneck, and a white dress shirt at Goodwill. We also purchased some black fabric, stiff interfacing, black elastic, and a small bit of gold felt.

The hat was the biggest pain to sew, and I realize now it is much more of a top hat–then pilgrim’s hat. But it works ;) I broke several needles sewing that puppy…the interfacing was really thick! The turtle neck + dress shirt became his pilgrim shirt with just a few cuts and stitches. The pants were shortened and elastic added. He wore his soccer socks, and I made little elastic slips on with “buckles” to go over his shoes. I made the belt around his hat removable so he can use the hat for different costumes. All in all it wasn’t too time consuming and B is pretty thrilled with it all.

Next up in costumes is a new Santa Suit and beard from him. He has already dug out the one I made him last year, and the sleeves are too short, its getting all pilly, and there are so many things I would change—like instead of the jacket being a real open/close sort of thing I would make it a pull over that looks like it would open and close, but doesn’t.