Here comes Christmas!

The Christmas decorating has begun! We had friends and family over today and they helped us get all the boxes of Christmas goodness down from the attic. It was so quick with so many hands to help. We have begun the decorating but are waiting to get the tree until we get back from Boston.

We have some family coming to house sit for us but I didn’t want to leave them with a burden of a tree and one crazy cat. This is the first year we have had a cat with a tree and I am quite nervous about it. Biscuit is crazy, she climbs walls, chews cardboard like a dog might, and loves heights.

Any one have an experience or advice on that? We are going to keep all our glass ornaments off the tree this year just in case, but it still is a bit of worry. Otherwise I am so excited to get the house into Christmas shape…I have after all had Christmas music playing for weeks :)