I am super proud to announce a giveaway of my new woodland kits. I cannot even describe how fun it was for me to make these, design all the packaging, and then assemble them. I am going to be adding them to the shop on the Nov 15th update, and will also be bringing them with me to the two holidays shows I am doing.

Each kit contains almost everything you need to make four hand sewn plush. You’ll just need scissors, glue, and needles/pins. They are small enough to turn into ornaments for the tree, but non-Christmas-y enough to use for all sorts of other things. Plus all the felt included is eco-spun recycled polyester which means this kit is great for vegan too-no animal fibers.

The pattern pieces are on a separate sheet of paper and ready to be cut out and used. No photocopying or enlarging needed. Plus even once you run out of materials you can your felt you have on hand to make more. I’m kind of thinking a whole mini tree filled with the cheery gnomes would be pretty fun.

I am going to giveaway two of the kits on Saturday the day before my big update. All you need to do to enter is: Just leave me a comment on this blog entry telling me one of your favorite holiday traditions.. Just please remember to leave the comment on the blog, not any blog feeds (like Livejournal) because I do not get those comments. All comments must be posted by Saturday 10am EST.

On Saturday I will use the random number generator to pick two winners, and you will each receive one kit.

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264 Responses to Giveaway!

  1. Heidi says:

    A favorite Christmas tradition for me is making rice mush, as my step dad called it, for breakfast on Christmas morning. It reminds me of my step dad and helps me feel as though he is still here with us.

  2. Susanne says:

    Having a vegan cookie swap with all my veggie friends!

  3. Callie says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!! I hope I win…My favorite holiday tradition is to watch Christmas movies with my family, especially the Little Drummer BOy, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, The Grinch, and It’s a Wonderful Life. We all get curled up on the couch and drink eggnog and have pumpkin pie and it is wonderful!! :D I always enjoy spending time with them the most.

  4. Heather says:

    Cute, cute, cute!! My favorite holiday traditions is watching old Christmas cartoons and eating chocolate chip cookies while we decorate our tree.

  5. Lelah says:

    I love reading all of these, especially since my husband and I are having our first baby right around Christmas! I can’t wait to pass on my favorite traditions and start new ones. Something my sister and I still do is beg our parents to open one present on Christmas Eve. Haha. We love Christmas so much, I still spend the night before Christmas with my parents, and we all wake up on Christmas morning and eat a huge breakfast together after we open presents. I just love being with my family on the holidays, and I am so excited to be adding a new member to our clan.

  6. Bitsy Baker says:

    Wow, those plushies are so kawaii! I think that one of my favorite holiday traditions is my family’s annual New Year’s wish cake. We make a cake every New Year’s, decorate it together, and then make a wish on a candle for the coming year. It’s so fun! We’ve been doing it for the past 11 years, and we haven’t missed a single year. There have been times when we’ve not had the all the ingredients and had to make a Jiffy cake, but we’ve stayed happy and had our cake. Om nom nom nom!

  7. Jessie says:

    Mine would definitely be decorating the tree with my kids and reminiscing about where each ornament came from and its meaning to us.

  8. sarah says:

    these are super cute! i am a stocking girl! I love making them, filling them with all sorts of small special gifts and watching everyone open them. and there’s always an orange..just like my mommmy used to add!

  9. Emma says:


    This kit is wonderful!

    My favorite holiday tradition is a week before christmas all my cousins and aunties and all our little kids that we all have now get together and have “Cookie making Day”. we bake christmas cookies, fudge, other delicious cookies and the kids have a ball :) They also all receive a special letter from Santa that one of my antie’s types out for each of them and then puts in the mailbox at the cubby house :) It’s gorgeous and always a great day.

    emma_G xoxox

  10. Apple Noggin says:

    As I was growing up, my dad wore the same reindeer sweater to Christmas every year for quite a few years. Then our extended family started to notice and it was the long running family joke. Eventually my dad wrapped it up and gave it as a gift to someone. The next year that person would wrap it as a gift and pass it along to someone else. So everyone has had a chance to wear the ugly 70s reindeer sweater. Another family tradition for the my dad and uncles were to lift up their shirts and point to one of their nipples (very weird family).

  11. Apple Noggin says:

    Oh dear, I forgot to mention they were showing their nips to the camcorder……I guess that doesn’t really make it any less weird. hahaha

  12. Shanae says:

    every christmas i love to make a gingerbread house and every year i make it different. the decoration is so fun and festive.
    p.s. I LOVE YOUR PLUSH!!!! it’s so cute!

  13. Laura says:

    It’s all about the food for me – parsnips with every meal! Plus, making the festive gumdrop wreath is the only crafty activity my other half and I do together all year round. Oh! How could I forget? Every year, my sister and I spend all year hoarding up trinkets for one another and then we make each other an advent calendar. 24 little parcels to open in the run up to Christmas is so much fun. The one I’ve made for her this year is a beauty :) That’s got to be the best family tradition for me, even though we only started it once we were both grown ups.

  14. flora says:

    Probably too late now, but just in case….our favourite family tradition is all tramping up to the woods to collect holly and ivy to make a wreath for the front door.

    Such a cute kit…I’d love it for myself, but I have also have a niece who’d be over the moon!