Here comes Christmas!

The Christmas decorating has begun! We had friends and family over today and they helped us get all the boxes of Christmas goodness down from the attic. It was so quick with so many hands to help. We have begun the decorating but are waiting to get the tree until we get back from Boston.

We have some family coming to house sit for us but I didn’t want to leave them with a burden of a tree and one crazy cat. This is the first year we have had a cat with a tree and I am quite nervous about it. Biscuit is crazy, she climbs walls, chews cardboard like a dog might, and loves heights.

Any one have an experience or advice on that? We are going to keep all our glass ornaments off the tree this year just in case, but it still is a bit of worry. Otherwise I am so excited to get the house into Christmas shape…I have after all had Christmas music playing for weeks :)

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19 Responses to Here comes Christmas!

  1. danielle says:

    I have always had kitties, and never had a real problem with them climbing the tree, but it is certainly a possibility, they will drink the trees water so be sure to check it regularly, don’t hang any ornaments on the bottom branches, much too tempting for little kitties. I still put glass ornaments up but just bend the little wires around the branches tightly so kitty cant paw them off.

  2. Saski says:

    I just found your blog and I really love it!

    I just brouhg the Christmas decorations up from the basement, but we haven’t unpacked them yet! My parents do not seem to understand how vital this is.

    Your house looks amazingly Christmasy! I’m a little jelous… :)

    Anyway, I have 2 cats. We’ve never had any problems with them and the tree (besides one hiding behind it). We have fragile ornaments but we are just always careful to put them higher up the tree. Also, be sure to attach all the ornaments (all over the tree) really tightly!

    I hope your kitty enjoys Christmas. I suggest catnip presents!

  3. alison says:

    good luck with the tree! we’re opting for no tree this year since our cat is equally crazy. there’s spray you can get, but you have to spray every day. i know cats hate aluminum foil too, so maybe put some around the bottom?

    see you in a week!!!

  4. Lydia says:

    When I was a kid we had a cat who loved to climb up the Christmas tree. It was okay though because she was really small. Sometimes she would be sitting in the tree for a long time and we wouldn’t even know it until she hopped out! We also kept off the glass ornament except maybe near the very top.
    Good luck, can’t wait to see all your decorations.

  5. Katherine says:

    No real suggestions about the cat+tree problem except wishing you good luck! Our cat liked to climb it, and after knocking it over a few times and being scared by the fall (and our yelling) he decided he would just live in the bottom branches for the month of December. There was no keeping him entirely away from it.

  6. Amanda says:

    Your house with all the Christmas decorations looks so fun!! No advice about the cat though…ours used to climb up the trunk on the inside of the Christmas tree and grab ornaments on the top. :( They’re sort of tricky little animals.

  7. Amanda B says:

    My cat does all of the same things. Last year was our first Christmas with her and she wouldn’t leave the tree alone. We are going to try an empty tree first this year and see if she can get it out of her system. I definitely suggest leaving off your glass/fragile ornaments until you see how Biscuit handles the tree.

  8. I was about a month from having my daughter when my cat knocked down the Christmas tree. She broke my ornament from 1984… a little ceramic bell. I managed to glue it back together but i was doing those awful hyperventilating heaving sobs for about an hour while I cleaned the whole mess up by myself because my boyfriend was at work. It was horrible.
    Since then I learned my lesson and anchor the tree to the wall behind it and to the ceiling using either those hook screws or the screws with rings on the end and tying something thin but strong around the tree and to the hook. It works really well. And my cat will actually sit on the branches in the tree. She’s not interested in the ornaments… just climbing and hanging out. Good luck!

  9. Amanda B says:

    My picture didn’t post, let me try again with a link:

  10. Megan M. says:

    The cats we’ve had were all declawed but they would still try to climb the tree. One piece of advice I could give you is hide anything with lots of ribbons and bows on it. Our family has never really used them but relatives of ours have so we just put their gifts out on Christmas Eve. If you and your family use bows and ribbons, I really have no advice, lol. Even without ribbons, our cats would gnaw on the corners of wrapped gifts. As far as ornaments, we keep everything higher up on the tree that’s fragile because of the cats, but mainly because of our larger dogs. Hope this helps.

  11. Amanda B says:

    Darn it, well I posted in your comments on LJ with a picture of my cat in the tree last year. Good Luck!

  12. Rebecca D says:

    Tie a piece of fishing line to the top and secure it to the ceiling. I’m not kidding…

  13. Also, I just realized that I have the same little santa that you have… the one in the top right hand corner box (when looking at the picture)of the blue house hanging on the wall!

  14. Cori says:

    When I was a little girl, we had two cats one year and my mom had the bright idea to hang the Christmas tree from the ceiling. I remember there being a big red-rubber-covered hook in one of the beams of the ceiling, but I don’t remember if we used rope to hang it. But it did just fine. An idea for you, at the very least.

  15. Our cat is probably twice the size as our tiny tree, so we’ve never had any problems with climbing, but he is obsessed with chewing on the fake bristles/leaves/whatever they are called. We set the tree up last night and he’s already been in trouble a few times. He’s also just as obsessed with chewing on ribbons, as someone mentioned above.

  16. Jane says:

    I would definately anchor the tree. My only other 2 tricks-a package of moth balls hidden inside near the trunk in the tree may make it unpleant and has anyone considered netting over the bottom of the tree? Works in reverse in the yard for birds. Oh and of course no dangling breakables!

  17. claireP says:

    the first year we had a real tree with our cats, william managed to knock the whole thing over. He stayed away from it after that! But Sausage does like to sit on the window sil and bat at the glittery baubles! Good luck! x

  18. Katy Riley says:

    My cat was a chronic tree climber when I was a little kid, so my parents put bells on the tree and whenever we heard them we’d go running downstairs and scare her out of the tree. It was a lot of fun as a little kid…

  19. Jennifer says:

    My parents get a live tree every year. They wrap green wire around the trunk (towards the middle) and then wrap the wire ends around two loop screws that are in the wall. This kind of stabilizes the tree, just in case.

    We have many cats but have never had a live tree. We have been wrapping the hooks of the glass ornaments a couple of times around a tree branch. If the cats knock the tree over, at least the glass ornaments will not fall off and might be somewhat cushioned by the needles.

    Our cats love to bat at any dangly ornaments on the bottom of the tree. The higher the ornament placement the better!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!