This afternoon we all walked downtown for the annual Christmas parade. I know it seems early for a Christmas parade, but the parade is part of celebrating the downtown decorating they have done. The big tree lighting was done the night before, its like a nice start to all the coming festivities! Its a nice long parade too—almost an hour and a half. There was tons of candy thrown, and we got good seats in front of The Waynesburger, so we could jump inside for fries and a little warmth when we needed. My favorite float and performers are the Lindy Hop dancers, so cute.

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5 Responses to Parade!

  1. lauren says:

    we also went to the christmas parade in our city (raleigh) today too! i think they have it early, before it gets too cold out. we had a lot of fun, i’m glad you guys did as well <3

  2. Coralene says:

    The lady twirling around in the last picture is the best- her little saddle shoes! What a fun parade!

  3. valoree says:

    how cute! theyre really cuttin a rug…lol

  4. Vic says:

    love the 50’s skirt with the snowman!

    That is the most expert parade watching seat i’ve ever seen – using the drinks holder for sweets *genius* !! :-)

  5. Morgan says:

    What town is this? Everything is so cute!