The little one and I were going to make Thanksgiving cards this year based on our families hands–into turkeys of course. We only made one in the end, haha because it was a little time consuming. I think if you shrunk the hands down it would make it quicker and easier to do on paper you might have on hand. We needed a big sheet to fit all of our hands one right after another. Then we added words and beaks with construction paper and feathers with colored pencil. I think we will use it to decorate our table since it stands so well.

I forgot to add these mushroom/tree stump prints with the update, sorry…they are up in the shop now.

I found this crazy chocolate turkey at the grocery shop….I wish they were mini ones instead so I could add one to each of the kid’s lunches.

The kids have off Thursday and Friday this week, so its gonna be four day weekend! I’m hoping for lots of good weather so we can go do some fun stuff :)

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4 Responses to turkeys

  1. Lisa says:

    AW! That is such a cute idea of those turkey hands!!! :D

    oh!! I love that chocolate turkey! I wonder if my store will have those! I’ll go check now!! hee hee!

  2. coryy says:

    At first glance I thought the mushroom print was a floor mat…that would be awesome! I’d put it right by my kitchen sink.

  3. Heather says:

    That hand turkeys card/decoration is so cute!! I think Wes and I might need to make some. :)

  4. dressers says:

    I started missing the artworks of my kids come Thanksgiving. They love turkeys, too!