How I spent my Friday night….

Sorry for the crummy photos, I think I need to shop for a camera that does a bit better in low light ;)

My oldest son has a friend over to spend the night, so the little one and I set to work making candy candy candy. Every year I create a mix of baked goods for all of Tom’s co-workers. This year we decided to make candy mice but with fresh cherries (for our vegan friends we dipped the cherries into vegan-safe chocolate and coated those with chopped almonds), sponge candy (whoa serious fun), homemade malt balls (but I wouldn’t use that recipe again, it was okay but not amazing), and peanut butter fudge. For the fudge I used soy milk and earth balance butter-it turned out great.

Now everything is packed away in tins for Tom to take to work tomorrow! The little guy is in bed but I am back to work up in the studio (and listen to the new Splendid Table) working on some last minute gifts. I’ll be sure and share photos of those after Christmas :)

Oh and the candy eyes we used on the mice can be purchased here…