Snow Day….

It has been snowing since we went to bed last night, and is still snowing strong. They say there is a winter storm warning in effect until 7am tomorrow morning, that is a lot of snow! Tom didn’t have to go in, so we’ve been having a lovely snow day in. Of course there has been loads of shoveling, we went through all of our book shelves (a long overdue task) and now we have over 20 reusable grocery bags filled with books that we are going to donate.

I hope everyone who has the snow is staying safe and tucked into home! Not sure yet what all this snow is going to mean for our party tomorrow…we shall see!

Oh and I made that pom-pom wreath above a few weeks ago after seeing some very lovely ones online. My hint ofr making pom-poms which everyone might already know..but just incase, is this: Triple up the yarn your going to wrap. So instead of cutting a length of yarn and wrapping it (to make the pom pom) Cut 3, 4, or even 6 lengths of yarn and wrap them all at once. It really speeds up the time it takes to make each pom pom, and doesn’t effect the finished pom poms at all. I used some yarn we had leftover from another crafty project to make mine.